Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January News

Blocks are used to measure my friends!!
 January had been a very exciting month...besides the everyday excitements and sparks that we have in our classroom...we also had three very significant events in the past days...we celebrated New Year in Japanese style..another excellent parent contribution. One of my preschool mom came in with lots to share about how Japanese New Year is celebrated!!! We also had a visit from the mad scientist who showed us some very interesting chemistry!!! Our small preschool family also increased when we welcomed a new friend this month. This week would be his second week with us and amazingly, it seems that he had always been with us!!!
Besides participating in Mad Science adventures...we also talked about New Years Resolutions, Dr Martin Luther King and Mozart(It was his birth month!!).
We are looking forward for February...the official month of love and friendship...our friends have already declared that they are going to make Valentine's Day cards for their moms!!!!

Preschool friend coloring the dream of Martin Luther King....Friendship!!

Mad Scientist showing us what happens when we pour vinegar in Baking powder???....BUBBLES!!!!

Preschool Buddies busy doing chemistry!!!

Preschool mom volunteered to share with us the facts about Japanese New Year!!

Mad Scientist showing chemical reactions to the preschool friend!!!

My Little Mozart!!!

Preschool mom showing pictures of celebration of Japanese new year from her laptop.