Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Zoo presents 'Wings of Wonder'

The Cincinnati Zoo came to our school!
We learned about birds and even got to pet a penguin!
The video is of a Kookaburra making some loud noise
(and his handler)!

Owl feathers, very soft

The feathers belonged to this owl.

The kookaburra


Petting the penguin

Parts of a Car

During the first day of our car lesson we explored the inside of my car.
(A Chevy Tahoe)
We found many things that a car has and what those things do.
Indoor lighting.


Power Outlet

Hidden compartments

This compartment had a car jack in it.


Seat belts

Hidden table with cup holders.
Car seat

Lights on the door, a lock, a handle, and more speakers


Steering wheel

Buttons that move the seat

A lot of gadgets!

Found where the gas goes

Air bags and peddles

Loose Parts Presentation

Loose parts is the main theme for the school this summer. We invited a loose parts
 expert to show the kids how common objects can be used with water. The children
were able to create something that could be put in the water and for them to discover
what would happen to their creation. They used tubes of different sizes and materials in
water, bottle caps, paper, and packaging materials. As the children spent more time with these
materials they got more creative and wet!

Fishing for bottle caps.

Making a boat out of paper.

Catching bottle caps in an ice cube tray.

Blowing through  the tubes.

Using a baster to move water through a plastic tube.

Will it float?


Approaches  Toward Learning: Initiative and Curiosity; Planning, Action and Reflection; Creativity; Expression of Ideas through the Arts

Science: Science Inquiry and Application; Cause and Effect; Physical Science

Cognitive Skills: Reasoning and Problem-Solving

Geometry: Spatial Relationships