Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The Cincinnati Museum came to teach us about flowers.
Below is what we did.

The presenter is showing us a piece of cotton.

We all got to feel how soft it was.

We learned the parts of a plant.

We were pretending to be a seed.

After we got water and sun we grew and our
leaves branched out.

We went outside to dig in the dirt. We found worms, vegetables,
and seeds in the dirt.

We all got little containers to put a bean seed in with dirt to take home.

Wonderful World of Worms

We had a guest come in and teach us about worms!
We learned that worms need water and dirt to survive.
Plus many other neat facts.
We all loved watching our worms wiggle around
on the wax paper. We later put all of the worms in our garden.


Camping Lesson

In May the preschoolers also did a camping lesson.
Their favorite spot in the classroom was the camp site!

Baking Lesson

In May the preschoolers did a lesson on baking. Below are some of
the activities we did.
We wrote words that related to baking.

We colored pictures of delicious baking goods.

We caught a cricket that was hopping in our room!

We sorted and counted colorful cotton balls.
We loved playing with home-made play dough
and cookie cutters.