Thursday, November 1, 2012


We started off October by continuing to talk about Fall. We made owls, fall wreaths and talked about many of the changes going on around us.
We turned the dramatic play area into a Fall Festival where the children played with pumpkins and gourds. The students also had leaves that they would rake up into a pile and throw in the air.

These two children are using tongs to help get the crows out of our corn during our week that we discussed the Fall harvest.

A parent took the time one day to read a story to our children about different animals who are awake during the night. She also spent time with the children making bats, owls, and spiders with the children out of different types of beans. The children really enjoyed this experience and did a great job with their animals.

During our week we talked about Harvest the students also got an opportunity to shuck corn in the classroom. After the students removed the husks they painted by rolling the corn cobs in paint and rolling it across paper.

In the middle of October we took a week to talk about fire safety with the children. We discussed different having two escape routes from your house, how to "Stop, Drop and Roll" and what firefighters do and wear.
\These two students are working in our dramatic play area which we turned into a fire station. The children had fireman helmets and a hose to help put out the flames in our classroom. The students also helped to rescue babies from the fire.

 We took advantage of the beautiful weather we had this month with the children by going outside to do some artwork. The children had the bottoms of their feet painted and walked around a big peice of paper taped to the ground. The students really enjoyed this experience and the finished product looked great!
During the last week of the month we took time to celebrate and look at Halloween. The students were very excited about the costumes they had chosen to wear. We made spider webs by rolling marbles covered in white paint over black paper and ghosts out of white cotton balls.