Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preschool in November!

 We started off November in the preschool room by learning about farm animals. Students played farm animal grid games, different farm animals in the block area, and created many different farm crafts during this week.

As part of our farm animal unit we conducted a science experiment where we observed what happened to eggs when we put them in three different liquids; coke, water and vinegar.
After a few days, we removed the eggs from the liquids to see what changes had occurred. The students observed that the egg in the water did not change on the inside or outside. The egg in the coke had turned brown on the outside but there was no change on the inside. Lastly, the egg in the vinegar no longer had a shell and the yolk on the inside felt "ooey, gooey" according to the students.

Two students in the music area sang "I went to Visit". This song helped the children learn about different farm animals and the different noises they make.

In November, we also spent a week exploring feelings together
 through books and different activities.


The students dictated how what feelings they had during certain situations then added a mouth to help illustrate that feeling.

The studenst worked on a collage together during our week of feelings. They cut out pictures from magazines that showed people being helpful or good friends.

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