Monday, June 17, 2013

April Showers

What's the Weather?

We spent the first two weeks of April talking about the weather. The students spent time observing the weather, writing about the weather and learning about weather terms and tools.

Two students were making weather observations outside our classroom window and painted what they observed.
Each student made their own weather dial to take home so they could make weather observations daily.

Together the students played a weather matching game which helped them learn weather terms, different weather systems and tools.

Our Planet

During the week of Earth Day we spent a week talking about our planet. The students learned about composting and recycling. We turned the dramatic play area into a recycling center where the students had to sort paper and plastic. In the block area the students got to build with recycled cereal boxes, milk cartons, etc.

The students made handprint Earths.

We created a rotting jar in the classroom to see what would happen to our banana and orange peels in soil if they were left to sit for a long period of time. The students made predictions about what would happen in this jar.

We spent the last week of April talking about water. We talked about the different uses of water and where we see water in our daily life.

The students wrote about how they used water everyday at home.

Water Works came to visit our school during the week we talked about water. The students got to experiment with sink and float, and absorb and not absorb. The students really enjoyed working with the different materials and learning about how different materials react to water!

During our week talking about water the students sorted items based on whether they used/needed water or if they did not.

Student Driven Projects

During a stormy day in the classroom the students decided they wanted to make a thuderstorm mural. They worked together to create the artwork shown below!

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