Monday, November 21, 2011


All the kids in the preschool classroom were thrilled to see and observe so many interesting reptiles from Cool Critters Outreach. They not only got to see them but they had the opportunity to touch them and hold them! They also learned the reptiles felt cold to the touch as they are cold-blooded animals and also that the snakes breathe through their tongues. 

Students waiting for Brian to bring out his cool reptiles. Brian is explaining to them how he rescued the animals.
Preschool friends taking a closer look at the snake.

This small snake is a Western Hognose.

This bearded dragon is called Sergeant Stubs because he lost most of his tail during a fight with another reptile.

Petting Sergeant Stubs, the bearded dragon.

Friends taking a very, very, very close look at the Bearded Dragon reptile.

The shell of the tortoise feels hard!!!!

"Peepers," the African Tortoise

Friends touching the shell of the tortoise.

Here comes Mr.Alligator! (his mouth is taped shut)

The Blue Tongued Skink doesn't have any teeth!

"Venus," the boa constrictor!

The Boa Constrictor was taller than Brian himself!!!

The Boa constricting around a preschool friend's wrist!!

Oops he got his leg!!!!!

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