Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We really can't believe that we are almost at the end of another successful year and awaiting a new year ahead of us full of new hopes and commitments. The past last month had been extremely festive in the preschool classroom. We were extremely excited about our Christmas presents, Christmas gifts, and true Christmas thoughts. We are curious that what if a kid doe snot have a chimney in her house...how in that case would Santa come in and leave gifts for the kid!!! But we found the answer right away...one of the preschooler suggested "in that case Santa would simply open the door"!!!

In the month of December we also saw some amazing parent participation!!! A parent from the Pre-K class shared about Hanukkah with us and a parent from the Preschool classroom shared some Mexican traditions of LUMINARIAS with us.
 Getting ready for Gingerbread cookie cutter painting

Preschooler using cookie cutter for painting

She is trying to identify words from Gingerbread Man story!!

Preschool friend exploring a Menorah!

Parents from the Pre-K classroom sharing facts about Hanukkah with us.

Preschool friend taking a turn in putting the candles in the Menorah.

Preschool Santas!!!
December has been a fun-filled and enlightening month when we came to know a lot about different cultures, traditions, and cuisine.

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