Friday, September 14, 2012

When life gives you LEMONS...

...the preschoolers make lemonade!

Everyone had their own special job to do to help make the lemonade. The kids helps to juice the lemons, add water, and stir with a big spoon. At snack time we tasted the lemonade. It was soooo good...we drank it all! :)   

The children were tasting lemons.  Some said they were sweet.
Some said they were sour.  A lot of them were making funny faces after they licked them!

It was hard work trying to squeeze the juice out of the lemons, but we
 finally got a cupful for our lemonade.

We added six cups of water to the lemon juice and stirred it with a big spoon.

Ohio Pre-Kindergarten Content Standards:
  • Social Studies:  Civic Participation and Skills
    • Everyone has responsibilities in a group.
    • Relationships in families, schools and communities benefit from cooperative behaviors and problem-solving skills. 

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