Monday, April 8, 2013

March Madness

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!!
We started off March with a week dedicated to Dr. Suess. We read many different Dr. Suess books like "Cat in the Hat", "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish", and "Fox in Socks."

The students learned all about measurement and used a cut out of their own foot to measure different items in the classroom.


The students also learned about rhyming words during Dr. Suess week. They completed a puzzle where they had to match rhyming words using picture cues. 

Spring is Here!!
We spent the rest of March talking about Spring.

The students made predictions and weighed different objects to see which was heavier.
In March our sensory table was filled with water and soil to teach the students all about planting and taking care of plants.


Our dramatic play center was transformed into a flower shop where the students could plant flowers in pots using soil and shovels. Then they could water and take care of their plants.
As a class we planted flowers in a fish bowl. Once the plants started to grow the students were encouraged to observe and draw what they were seeing.

Lovely Ladybugs
For a week our class had ladybug visitors. Before we got our ladybugs we created a habitat for them by collecting sticks and leaves from outside. The students observed them throughout the week and on Friday we released them. Their are pictures below of their release! The students enjoyed holding the ladybugs and watching them fly away.

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