Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September happenings

What we are learning in our new classroom

We researched the items we find outside on the playground or on our walks in the field.

We practiced folding the laundry for Ms. Angela.

We continued to strengthen our fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination as we poured and scooped the bird seed.

And we made our own work from the "squishy things" we found on the playground.

Domain: Social and Emotional Development
Strand: Self
Topic: Sense of Competence
Recognize own abilities and express satisfaction when demonstrating them to others

Domain: Physical Well-being and Motor Development
Strand: Small Motor Development
Topic: Small Muscle: Touch, Grasp, Reach, Manipulate
Coordinate the use of hands, fingers, and wrists to manipulate objects and perform tasks requiring precise movements.

Domain: Cognition and General Knowledge
Strand: Life Science
Topic: Exploration of Living Things
With modeling and support, identify physical characteristics and simple behaviors of living things 

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