Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learning is Fun...damental at Endeavor Learning Center

Hi Preschool-PreK families:

Can you believe it is October ?  The children have been fascinated by the changes we have observed out the classroom window and when we take walks around the property. We discovered that some creatures (or creatures) took some of the fruit out of the garden and left a trail of seeds by the pine trees for us to follow. We also have been very intrigued by the idea that squelshy shoes can leave footprints on the cement path behind the building and have spent lots of time trying out our ideas. And of course we always enjoy watching the local wildlife that comes to the bird feeder-especially the antics of the chipmunk as it tries to determine the best way to gather all the birdseed from inside the feeder.

We also had a visit from Jane Gonzales who talked to us about how apples grow and told us the story of "Johnny Appleseed" (John Chapman) who planted some of the first apple trees in Ohio and across the Midwest. We even got to imagine that we were Johnny Appleseed-although we were not too excited about the costume!

We also have been learning how to care for the "infants" in the classroom-from changing their diapers to 
making their bottles to rocking them to sleep. We even had a visit from a real life baby.

And we had assistance from our older classmates as we practiced making new letters.

And we had an unplanned physics lesson when we discovered that the tubing for our new laminate could double as a larger version 
of our marble tower work.

The legal "stuff"
Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards we met this month:
Domain: Approaches to learning
Strand: Creativity
Topic: Innovation and Invention
Standard: Use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials

Domain: Cognition and General Knowledge
Subdomain: Science
Strand: Science inquiry and application
Topic: Inquiry
Standard: Engage in simple investigations

Domain: Language and Literacy development
Strand: Listening and Speaking
Topic: Expressive Language
Standard: Use language to communicate in a variety of ways with others to share observations, ideas and experiences, problem-solve, reason, predict, and seek new information

Please remember to sign your child out at the end of the day-especially if your teacher has already left the building:

October 31st is our costume parade. Please ask your teachers or one of the administrators with any questions you might have..

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