Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Teaching is fun

"A good friend remembers what we were and sees what we can be."
- Unknown

During the past week, the Preschool/ Pre-kindergarten children have been very interested in scaffolding (with some assistance from the teacher ) the skills and abilities of their peers and have introduced such new concepts as caring for the “infant”, sorting and grouping the colored beads and identifying the letters in the alphabet puzzle.  We have even learned about sequencing numbers (in several one-on-one sessions) from one of our classmates who goes to kindergarten in the morning.

Pirates love to help their mates learn about sorting and grouping beads by color and type...whether or not they are in costume.

Domain: Cognition and General Knowledge
Sub-domain: Mathematics
Strand: Algebra
Topic: Group and Categorize
Standard: Sort and classify objects by one or 
more attributes (e.g., size, shape).

 Reading a "dusty" book first thing in the morning is an important first step in establishing a relationship.
Domain: Language and Literacy Development
Strand:  Reading

Topic: Reading Comprehension
Standard: Retell or re-enact familiar stories.

Once a connection has been formed, we can then proceed to modeling how to use the works in the classroom.
Domain: Language and Literacy Development
Strand: Reading
Topic: Letter and Word Recognition
Standard: With modeling and support, 
demonstrate understanding that 
alphabet letters are a special 
category of symbols that can be 
named and identified.

Knowing how to properly care for the "infant" in the classroom is critical for future success.
Domain: Cognition and General Knowledge
Strand: Cognitive Skills

Topic: Memory
Standard: Recreate complex ideas, 
events/situations with personal 

Learning how to construct roads and highways with a senior civil engineer is also important.
Domain: Approaches to Learning
Strand Creativity

Topic Innovation and Invention
Standard: Engage in inventive social play.

                       Two artists collaborate on paintings for their families while discovering that different ways to mix the paints made "peach" and "red"
Domain: Approaches to Learning
Strand: Creativity
Topic: Expression of Ideas and Feelings through the Arts
Standard: Express individuality, life 
experiences, and what he/she
knows and is able to do through a 
variety of media.
Express interest in and show 
appreciation for the creative work 
of others.

Sharing new ideas with colleagues is a vital part of the teaching process.
Domain: Language and Literacy Development
Strand: Expressive Language
Topic:  Social Communication
Standard: With modeling and support
follow typical patterns when 
communicating with others (e.g., 
listens to others, takes turns 
talking and speaks about the topic 
or text being discussed).

 A job well done everyone!
Domain: Social and Emotional Development
Strand: Strand: Relationships
Topic:   Peer Interactions and Relationships 
Standard: Demonstrate socially competent 
behavior with peers.

Special note: Please remember that we will continue to go outside even with the dropping temperatures so please send your child dressed (or have them dress) for cold weather fun!

Thank you!!!

MS. Sara and the Preschool/ Pre-K children (and the kindergarten students as well)

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